All the ways to raise red snapper fish to color

The Hong Ket fish is one of the most familiar lines of ornamental fish to long-time anglers. So, how to raise the red snapper to a beautiful color? What fish should be kept with them? How much is your blood fish? The answer will be in the article below

What is Red Kettle Fish?

In fact, the red snapper, also known as the blood fish anh vu, the red catfish. This is an ornamental fish that is related to tilapia and arhat fish. Perhaps because of their attractive shape and color, they are sought after by many people.

The red snapper fish

Characteristics of red ketchup fish

Red snapper, which is a hybrid fish with many other lines of fish, has an oval shape. When they are young, they have a dark orange body color, when they are mature, they gradually turn red.

When you see them directly, they are very cute, this fish has a small nose, the beak always screams, it can not be closed.

It looks like a crow’s beak, with a completely separate head and body, the red snapper also has very large, round black eyes.

In addition to red, hybrid blood fish can also appear in many other colors such as yellow, purple, black, blue…

Perhaps it is because of the mouth that this fish is given the name Red Kettlefish.

The reproductive capacity of the red snapper fish

The Anh Vu bloodfish is an egg-laying species, with the hybrid red snapper often unable to fertilize. But with the line of domestic red cockles they can easily mate and reproduce.

Common diseases in Anh Vu blood fish

Despite being in good health, red snapper is also susceptible to fungal diseases. The disease that most ornamental fish lines suffer from. If it is not detected and treated early, the risk of fish death is 99%.

The cause of this disease is due to unsafe water conditions. The concentration of NH3 in the water due to fish feces and food particles settling in the tank makes the water environment polluted.

The fix is ​​also very simple

Changing the water in the tank only keeps about 1/3 of the old water, adding new water

+ Add hot salt every day to kill the bacteria in the disease

+ Add more Menthylene to the tank every day until the fish is cured.

Red ketchup 1

Classification of GoldFish

If you don’t pay attention, it’s hard to know that Anh Vu bloodfish is divided into 3 types: King Kong red snapper, heart tail red snapper and Anh Vu bloodfish.

King Kong red snapper is a fish with a large body, extremely beautiful colors. Therefore, the price of this fish is not cheap, if not the most expensive in the line of red snapper.

Seen from the outside, Anh Vu’s blood fish swimming in the pool is no different from a fiery spark swimming in the water.

The heart-tailed red snapper is still a normal red snapper, except that since childhood, farmers have intervened by creating a heart shape on the tail of the fish.

You can’t see it clearly when you are young, but as the fish matures, it will become clearer and more beautiful.

Red ketchup 2

Blood fish Anh Vu tattooed

It seems a little surprising, doesn’t it? This line of fish originates mainly from China. With the desire to increase the number of fish consumed, many owners of aquarium shops in China have devised a way to tattoo on fish.

The selected words all have some good meaning such as: Dat, Phuc, Loc, Kim… It is not clear if it is because of the complicated tattoo technology, but the price of tattooed redfish is 2 times more tall

How to breed Hong Ket fish to a beautiful color

In order for Anh Vu blood fish to live a long and healthy life, farmers need to pay special attention to the problems of water source, temperature, food and living environment.

Water source

The Hong Ket fish is a healthy fish, so it can easily adapt to many different environmental conditions.

But its main weakness is that its mouth cannot be opened too wide, so its ability to receive oxygen will be less. other ornamental fish species.

Therefore, the water conditions in the aquarium must always be clean to reduce the risk of mold or gill infections.

You should change the water twice a week, before adding new water, you need to clean the tank first. According to experience, the red snapper often becomes more agile and difficult to move after changing the water


The average length of the red catfish is 18 to 21 cm. Poor tolerance to cold, so keep the tank temperature more suitable from 22 to 27 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is too cold, the red color on the fish will gradually become lighter. The fish are also susceptible to heat shock and black spots appear on the body. It is necessary to avoid too much difference between the temperature of the new water and the old water

Livestock bred with which fish

Anh Vu blood fish is a relatively benign fish, you hardly ever see them in conflict or bite with other fish.

Thus, you can choose fish that are similar in size to them, such as: phoenix fish, gold fish, fairy fish… As long as you choose a gentle breed, red snapper can live in harmony

What do Red Kettle fish eat to get the best color?

Red catfish are omnivores and can eat seeds, worms, small shrimp or ground meat. In particular, even the remains left by other fish, Hong Ket fish can also be eaten

If you decide to keep this fish, you should not plant too many miniature or mosses and small plants in the tank. Because when they swim, they will destroy the tree

You must also train the fish, helping the fish know when food is coming

+ Step 1: Before preparing to eat about 3 minutes, turn on the light to the tank to form a habit. After about a whole month

+ Step 2: Every day you should fix a certain time to feed the fish


If you have just bought the Red Ket fish and put it in the tank and you see that the red color has faded, there is no need to worry.

The reason is that the fish is not used to the new environment, after only about 90 days, the condition of the fading fish will be gone.

They also rarely move when entering a new habitat, you need patience at this time


Red catfish are best when kept in groups in a large tank. This will help them fight freely, thus limiting clashes

The most suitable size should be > 100 cm, it can hold about 200 liters of water. An aerator and a filter system is necessary to clean the water in the tank.

The feng shui meaning of Anh Vu Blood Fish

In addition to the decorative meaning, the Hong Ket fish is also a feng shui fish to bring good luck, remove bad luck, and kill the gas in the room.

The color red in spiritual culture often carries auspicious and lucky meanings. It is easier to see, especially in special events like weddings and holidays, the color red is always everywhere.

Especially according to the five elements of feng shui, people in the years of the Rat, Buffalo and Cat are the most suitable to raise this fish.

Hopefully with the above sharing, you have a better understanding of the price of red snapper and also the spiritual feng shui meaning of this line of fish. If you are looking to sell red catfish, please contact us for further advice.

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