Top 9 types of Beta fish you should see

Betta fish are very popular tropical fish. The long fins of male fish make them particularly attractive to aquarists. There are many types of bettas that in some cases have very impressive physical characteristics. Through selective breeding, incredible color combinations have been created. It is these same techniques that have allowed the breeders to focus on the fins and the tail to develop a variety of surprisingly beautiful varieties. I want to show you a collection of these fish that I consider to be one of the most beautiful bettas in the world.

List of top 9 types of beta fish you should know

1. Royal Blue Half-Moon Betta
2. Red Rosetail
3. Black Orchid Crowntail Betta
4. Crowntail Betta
5. Veil Tail Betta
6. The Double-tailed Betta
7. Combotail Betta
8. White Crowntail Betta
9. Multi-Colored Half-Moon Betta

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