Types of tank cleaner fish you don’t know about

Tank cleaners are kept in aquariums or aquariums with the purpose of eating remains and moss on the walls of the tank, leaves or accessories in the tank. Tank cleaning fish lines also vary greatly in size, color and price.

The tank cleaning fish, also known as the glass cleaning fish (glass), is chosen by most aquarists to clean in aquariums and is also a specialty drink of people in the West. The glass cleaning fish originates from the Amazon River, Brazil is imported to many countries as an ornamental, and Vietnam has imported this source of fish from Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand … later many people the released into rivers, lakes, sewer pipes. … they proliferate rapidly and are a threat: “belonging to the group of invasive organisms that must be destroyed.”

Types of tank cleaning fish:

  • Goby cleans the tank
  • The rat fish cleans the tank
  • The common puppy
  • Butterfly fish
  • Zebra Pleco – Zebra Pleco
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    1.Gobies clean the tank

    The tank cleaner goby is one of the most popular tank cleaner fish today. The fish usually lives in the middle and bottom of the tank, raised in an aquarium with many plants. It is a shy, peaceful fish and can get along well with many other fish. However, this type of fish is very attached to other fish to suck the slime on these people and can kill the fish if the number of these fish is large in the tank.

    It is an omnivorous fish that can suck musk from leaves and tank walls without harming aquarium plants, eat fish remains…

    Do not breed in artificial environments.

    The selling price in the market fluctuates between 15-20k/pair of gold ball and 5k-7k/pair of regular ball

    Types of tank cleaning fish - regular tank cleaning fish

    2. Rat fish clean the tank

    The tank rat fish has a small body, a beautiful bright color with a very beautiful beard, so many people like to keep it to clean the tank for their aquarium.

    Ratfish that rarely eat moss usually eat the remains of non-fish, fish eat in the bottom and middle layers. This fish often also sucks other ornamental fish in the tank, causing discomfort to the fish living with it.

    The colors are very varied

    Characteristics: The belly of the striped ratfish is white or gray, the gill cover is iridescent gray-green. The stork has a different pattern with 3 vertical stripes with small black or brown dots. Black mesh points, caudal fin has five vertical. stripes, anal fin spotty. apex of dorsal fin has a black stripe. However, there are some individuals with transparent dorsal fin, without black stripes although very weak., very small.

    The market price is around 10k -15k/par

    aquarium cleaning fish - squirrel tank cleaning fish

    Squirrel tank fish cleaning

    3. Common fish

    This fish is usually the most common type of tank cleaning fish in Vietnam. This fish, when it is big, is quite big, with the size of the fish can be up to 2-3 kg.

    This fish eats algae and is an omnivore that can eat anything

    Breeding grows rapidly in nature, they are easy to adapt to the river environment, mother tank cleaners or baby tank cleaners can approach other slime-sucking fish, making other fish less likely to develop. If the other species of fish are poorly adapted, they will die. It is more dangerous because the fish are very adapted, so they overwhelm the native organisms, creating an ecological imbalance.

    This type of tank cleaning fish does not have much economic value

    selling price in the market 8k – 10k / par

    Video of the fish cleaning the tank

    Image result for fish cleaning

    The common puppy

    types of fish to clean the tank - yellow scorpion fish


    4. Butterfly

    The butterfly fish has a very attractive shape that looks like a new Sam fish that closes to the glass or leaves to attract moss to sell in it. This type of tank cleaner is quite small and can live in small tanks or aquariums.

    In the wild, butterfly fish usually live in rivers and streams with strong currents, so when placed in aquariums, they will grow and develop well in aquariums with high water flow.

    Image result for fish cleaning

    Ladybug butterfly

    5.Zebra Tank Cleaning Fish – Zebra Pleco

    Zebra Pleco – Zebra Pleco is a small fish, when mature it can only reach a maximum size of 9 cm. This is one of the very rich members of the Loricariidae family, which is known to Vietnamese players with the name of Bhikkhu, such as Bì Ba Beo, Tý Ba Song Nhue, Tý Ba Vang, Tý Ba Bump, Tý Ba Leopoldi, Lady Galaxy. …

    This type of fish on the market has a very high price, often professional aquarists hunt to buy this type of tank cleaning.

    Image result for fish cleaning

    Zebra Pleco – Zebra Pleco

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