What is clown fish? “Tip” notes when raising clownfish

Clown fish is loved by many people, this is a famous character in an animated film. Currently, this fish is sought after by many people in the aquarium world, not only for its beauty, but also for many other reasons. We know about these reasons with cadep.vn.

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What is clown fish?

Clownfish are small, brightly colored fish that add uniqueness and novelty to the aquarium.

In the world today, there are more than 30 species of clownfish belonging to the Pomomridae family, although there are many types, the farming methods and agricultural techniques are the same. A Clownfish has an average lifespan of about 6 years, there are also some types of clownfish that live longer.

Typical clownfish behaviors

The clownfish is a fish with a rather gentle personality. Sometimes it also becomes very aggressive in the presence of other clownfish. Therefore, when raising clown fish, you should note that you should only keep one in the tank. If it is a natural environment, they often go to the places where sea anemones live to find food. This has been proven by researchers, even clownfish come here for the purpose of sheltering.


Characteristics of clown fish shape

The clown fish is characterized by a long body, the dorsal fin is the highlight. This causes many people to mistakenly believe that clownfish have two fins, not one. In the orange clownfish there are 11 on the dorsal fin, more than in other clownfish species.

The body size of Nemo Clownfish can be up to 4 inches, this size is perfect for the ordinary aquarium. In the normal clownfish, there will be three white stripes on the body, a stripe on the back, a stripe in the middle of the body and a stripe near the end of the tail. Its stripes and fins have a black outline, with its movement creating a flame effect that attracts viewers.

Notes when the clown cries

The caudal fin of the Clownfish is round, which is a limitation that makes this fish unable to swim as fast as other fish. Orange clownfish are usually the most common, sometimes there are some species of black clownfish, the platinum clownfish is the rarest.

Clown fish farming techniques

In nature, the clownfish lives in the waters of the Pacific or Indian Oceans. They usually live in the sea just above 40 m, or where the temperature is high enough and the salinity is low.

If you have Clownfish in the tank, you have to prepare the species of Sea Anemone in advance, because of its symbiotic properties with the Sea Anemone. The aquarium must have a minimum capacity of 50 liters. In addition, you need to prepare additional means and machines to create an environment that is completely suitable for fish. The suitable water temperature in the aquarium is 23-26 degrees Celsius, the pH also needs to be from 7.8-8.4.

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In addition, to increase the aesthetics of the aquarium, it should be decorated with aquatic plants or coral reefs. In the house, you should put the fish tank in open areas, absolutely not in wet places. Regular cleaning of the aquarium also helps your fish grow healthily.

Clown fish food

Clownfish are easy fish to keep and are omnivores, their food is very easy to find. Their favorite foods are small crustaceans, the tentacles of sea anemones, or algae and larvae.

In addition, when raising fish at home, you can also feed them with meaty foods, such as salted shrimp, or frozen cut fish. Or if your tank is large and has enough conditions to keep in the tank, this is a very good food source for your fish.

The frequency of feeding fish is not difficult. For small fish, you can divide the meals and feed them about 3-4 times a day. As for the larger clownfish, you only need to feed it about 2 times/day. Note that you need to regularly clean the fish tank, and clean the inhabitants, this helps to ensure that the water environment in your tank is always guaranteed.

Popular species of clown fish

Nemo clown fish

Nemo clownfish are orange fish with white stripes and black edges. This is the most popular and widely kept ornamental fish in our country.

Blue clown fish

It can be said that the color of the blue fish is the highlight that makes them popular and also makes them stand out more than ever. This is also quite rare because it is difficult to breed. Therefore, there is very little information about this fish.

Pure freshwater clownfish

Clown fish is a fish that originated from salt water, but to be suitable and convenient for farming, experts have bred fresh water clown fish. To satisfy the love of many people with Clown Fish. The freshwater clownfish has a rather gentle personality, so it can coexist peacefully with most other freshwater aquarium fish.

Where is a reputable clownfish address?

Currently, there are many reputable aquarium fish sales addresses throughout the country, including clown fish. Question how much does clown fish cost? Probably the most interesting. In the market, the price of this fish is also very different, but after the summary, the most common price varies from about 150-500,000 VND / fish depending on the size. If you need to find a reputable unit to buy fish, you can contact cadep.vn for support.

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