What is pearl fish? How to grow pearl fish, also known as medium fish?

Pearl fish Also known as Mo Ly fish, this is an ornamental fish that is currently “storming” the Vietnamese ornamental fish market. Everyone’s aquarium will be “updated” with some beautiful pearl fish. This is an extremely beautiful fish for aquariums and aquariums, its colors are very different, not inferior to those of guppies. What you are particularly interested in is is it easy to breed pearl fish? Actually pearl fish breeding is very easy because it is a very easy fish to breed, its vitality is very durable and healthy.

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Pearl fish it is a species that gives birth, to be honest they are a very fertile species, every time it gives birth, you must pay attention to the planning so that the aquarium does not become the domain of the birds. pearl fish Please!

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One thing that you may be interested in is that this fish is very easy to hybridize with other fish, because its shape is also very different “unpredictable variable”.

We often joke that pearl fish are very “vigorous”, they are like healthy “young adults”, they reproduce easily, they are very active, they almost always watch the aquarium, they can even be seen swimming.

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Food for pearl fish is also very easy to find, they eat food such as: black moss, green algae, hair moss, humus, etc. Do not feed too many times in a day, this is not good for them. of fish, on the other hand you unwittingly contaminate the clean water for them to live. Every aquarium fish needs clean water to stay healthy.


The Porcupine fish (Pearlfish) scientific name is Poecilia latipinn distributed mainly in Central America, it is an omnivorous fish, gives birth and very fertile. Raised in many aquariums, fish can live for more than 2 years with good feeding conditions.

In addition to having a variety of attractive colors, Pisces fish it has a very attractive tail. Fish with a sail-shaped tail, crab-tailed claws are said to be beautiful pitcher fish. There are 5 main types of accumulators:

Black Molly (Black Molly)

It is also known as the black molly fish with a jet black beauty. This is a variant with the English name black molly. This is a line of fish that is usually sold separately in another aquarium.

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Orange yellow tank

This is the main line of yellow-orange fish, which is widely sold in all aquarium shops. The color is beautiful and bright, so it is quite attractive for players

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White Buffalo Treasure Jar

Also known as white fish with a white body.

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Bottle of salt and pepper pearls

With the name of salt and pepper, because they are mixed between white and black dots, the color is similar to salt and pepper.

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Jar of golden beads

This is a fairly rare fish in aquarium stores with a bright yellow, golden color. Rarely seen for sale

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You can breed all kinds of pearl fish together to create the F2 F3 generation as you wish


Pitcher fish are said to be easy to breed, but no matter the type of fish, you must be careful and ensure the following.

Fish tank

Depending on the number of fish you want to keep, prepare the tank accordingly, but the bigger and more comfortable, the better for the growth of the fish. at least 25 liters for a healthy life. Fish farmers should plant more aquatic plants to ensure a biological balance for the fish habitat, mosses and mosses help remove toxins in the water and increase O2 levels to keep the fish healthy.

In addition, the ecosystem in the aquarium also helps the fish have shelter, the algae, the algae on the plants are a good source of food for this fish. And a very important effect of establishing an aquarium ecosystem is to make your aquarium look more beautiful, more attractive.

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Filter water and light

With a lobe aquarium, you can use a waterfall filter or a microbial filter to keep the water clear and disease-free, combined with a clip lamp to highlight the fish.

Water environment

The aquatic environment is a very important factor in fish farming. Before supplying water for the fish, you must prepare the water 3 days in advance to dechlorinate and increase the amount of oxygen in the water before you can supply the water to the aquarium.

On average, you should change the water for the fish once a week to ensure that the water is always clean and not contaminated by the remains of the fish. Each water change should not be completely changed, only about 30% of the water in the tank should be changed to avoid water shock and sudden environmental changes, they will easily get sick and die.

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What do pearl fish eat?

Pearl fish and 7 color fish and beta fish can all use the same food. Please refer to the food package below.

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