What kind of fish are aquarium cleaners? Let’s find out together

Aquarium cleaners are fish grown in aquariums with the main purpose of eating remains, algae and moss on the walls of the tank to help keep the aquarium cleaner. Let’s go to cadep.vn to learn about the types of fish that clean the aquarium every day.

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What is an Aquarium Cleaner?

The aquarium cleaning fish is a fish that is raised in the lake, the fish tank has the main function of cleaning the bathroom, it eats the remains, moss and leaves. Their food mainly consists of the following types:

  • Moss
  • Vegetable and animal carcasses
  • Broken leaves
  • Leftover food.

Aquarium cleaners are basically divided into 3 main categories: surface-eating fish, mid-level eating fish, and bottom-feeding fish.

Aquarium cleaners that eat the surface: they are the fish that work mainly on the surface of the water, they will clean the surface of the surface, they will filter the foam and increase the ability to dissolve oxygen very effectively.

Aquarium cleaning fish eat the middle layer: they are the types of fish that mainly eat food such as leaves, moss on aquatic plants.

Aquarium cleaning fish eat the bottom: these fish mainly eat algae, algae on the bottom to help keep the bottom of the aquarium and the aquarium clean.

Top 10+ types of aquarium cleaning fish

Rat fish

The fish of the mouse is called with a very expensive name that is the army that cleans the floor, this army often bulldozes the bottom to eat the rest, helping to keep the bottom of the lake and the tank clean. The mouse fish has many different colors that are very vibrant. They are easy to breed and kind, so they can live with other fish in lakes and aquariums.

Ratfish also have many other varieties, such as American ratfish (clown dolphin), Thai ratfish, cafe ratfish, three-striped fish, etc. Ratfish have a relatively long life if they are lived in good conditions. the environment is good, the age of the market can be up to decades.

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Glass cleaning fish

The glass cleaner fish, also known as the glass cleaner fish, this fish is on top of the most aggressive fish for cleaning the aquarium. Their food is mainly algae, moss, remains, small crustaceans, they can eat the rest in the bottom and top, on the surface of rocks or plants in the aquarium.

With the name of glass cleaning fish it also shows how great its ability to clean the tank, However, when kept with other fish, you must be very careful because its aggressive nature can attack other types of fish.

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Binh Tich Fish

The name is so cute, some people even jokingly call them teapot fish. The food of the average fish is mainly larvae, small worms, worms… they can also eat food in the form of pellets. Algae, moss clinging to the lake or the walls of the tank is also one of their favorite foods. This is also considered a lake cleaning warrior.

When you keep this fish in a lake or aquarium, you should decorate a few more aquatic plants because the algae on the trunk is one of the favorite foods of this fish. Decorating with more aquatic plants will make the aquarium more beautiful and create more food sources for the fish in the tank.

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Pencil Fish

Pencil fish are very active, they can eat any kind of algae in the aquarium. However, they eat moss only when they are hungry and when they are, they are very lazy. However, you should not leave them too hungry because they can eat all the moss in the aquarium.

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Marine mud fish

The sucker fish is also known as the slave fish. They are very pleasant to remove the algae in the aquarium. This fish is very suitable for keeping in small aquariums, however, when they grow to adulthood, they can attack smaller fish, so care must be taken when keeping them with other fish.

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Grouper usually live in all 3 layers of water, the surface, the middle and the bottom. They are gentle and very suitable for keeping with small fish. Grouper generally reproduce very quickly and in abundance. In particular, they can eat algae, many people raise them as fish to clear the lake. However, this fish often discharges a lot of feces, so it is often chosen to be kept in an aquarium rather than in an aquarium.

Fish Pi Ba

Stilts are often selected to clean the lake at the bottom, they are considered experts in eating moss, slime and waste at the bottom of the lake and the tank. They can be kept with other fish and live in harmony with each other. In any case, fish species often destroy trees, so when you breed them, avoid breeding them in tanks with aquatic plants, but instead you can decorate them with wood and stone.

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It can be said that the goby is one of the most popular and popular tank cleaning fish today, they usually live in the bottom and middle of the tank. For this fish, they are suitable to live in an aquarium with many plants

The tank cleaner is quite gentle and shy, so it can live peacefully with other fish. However, because they are too shy, they like to cling to other fish to eat the slimy mud on the bodies of other fish. Therefore, do not keep too many gobies in the aquarium because they can kill other aquarium fish.

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Molly Black Fish

Black molly fish are aquarium cleaners with a relatively high vitality, they live in a water environment with a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, they will give birth instead of laying eggs like other fish. Their favorite foods are pellets.

This is a type of fish that has the habit of eating grass and moss attached to the walls of the tank, they also have a great effect in cleaning the aquarium.

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Guppies in addition to the purpose of bringing beauty to the aquarium, they are also very effective in keeping the water environment clean, keeping the surface of the water clean and free of scum. At the same time, guppies are one of the types of fish that adapt well to all living environments, grow and develop very well.
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Should I keep an aquarium cleaning fish?

Aquarium cleaning fish are fish that, in addition to being ornamental, have the ability to decorate and beautify the aquarium, helping to clean the water environment. They are also one of the very useful fish, in addition to bringing aesthetic beauty, they also have the effect of cleaning and handling algae, moss, lack of food …

When raising fish to clean the aquarium, we must note that we must not or limit the choice of aggressive fish because they can attack other fish, and must also choose fish that do not destroy aquatic plants, do not destroy the aquatic plants, compete for food with others. fish in the tank, do not suck the slime and preach the fins of other ornamental fish.

With the types of aquarium cleaning fish mentioned above, we hope they will help you choose the most suitable fish to clean your family’s aquarium. Please choose the most prestigious addresses and choose to buy beautiful fish to beautify the aquarium. See you in the next posts.

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