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The Betta fish is one of the most popular types of fish that people keep in home aquariums, which is not super surprising. They are charismatic creatures, with bright colors and flying fins that are beautiful to look at.

Betta fish, whose scientific name is Betta splendens, are native to Thailand, and have also introduced wild populations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. They are tropical fish that like to live in calm, slow-flowing waters such as swamps, streams, ponds, rice paddies and roadside ditches. Traditionally, people bred to fight each other, while spectators made bets on which fish would win. Because of this colorful history (game play), they are also called Siamese Fighting Fish.

Betta fish are lovely to keep around, and as you know, fish are one of the lowest maintenance pets you can have. In any case, you need to give them some care regularly, so they stay healthy and happy in their aquarium – their home in your home. One crucial thing that you should do is to make sure that your bets are kept in water that is at the correct temperature.

What temperature does the betta fish prefer and why?

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In the wild, Betta fish live in tropical areas. So when you keep bettas in a home aquarium, they still need the warm water habitat they are used to. In fact, they have a fairly narrow ideal temperature range – the most optimal is 78-80º F (s25.5-26.5º C).

Although the Betta fish can tolerate temperatures between 72-86º F (22-30º C), if the water is outside of their ideal range, they will only survive – not thrive. It’s like when you go into a hot sauna, or when you’re outside in the cold: you’re alive, but you’re not comfortable.

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